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Your Model A needs a new wiper!
We provide sales of original wipers that are completely restored to like new condition or we can restore your wiper. In addition we service original wipers and can supply parts if you wish to do your own work. If you don't see what you need under Parts , just Email us or give us a call in Stockton, CA. We can provide any part for any original wiper.

Does your wiper need restoring?
The first electric wipers were supplied by Owen Dyneto Corporation of Syracuse, NY. Unfortunately, the bases and covers of these wipers were made of zinc die-castings (pot-metal). Over time this metal became very brittle and delicate. It is rare to find an Owen Dyneto wiper in good condition today. We have made accurate molds and recast these units in tin. This has proved to be a strong yet workable metal. We then rebuild the internal parts and transfer these original parts to the new cases. All new arms, switches, mounting boots and plates are added as well as new blades, swing arm supports and electrical connectors. Our restored units come complete and ready to install.

1928 Sport Coupe
From the beginning of production, all Model A's were equipped with windshield wipers. Early wipers were either manual (commercial and open cars) or electric (closed cars). All 1928 electric wipers were made by the Owen-Dyneto Company, Syracuse, NY. All the Owen-Dyneto bases and covers were made of zinc die-cast (pot-metal), which was a very brittle and porous metal. Very few of these wipers exist today still intact.

In April, 1928 an open car version of the early electric wiper for the closed car was available for roadsters and phaetons. This became standard equipment in November, 1928. Owen-Dyneto produced two subsequent variations of both the open and closed car wipers which were available thru June, 1930.

Beginning in February, 1929 Ford began using electric wipers supplied by Heinze Electric Company and in March 1929, added wipers from E.A Labratories. There were two variations of the Heinze wiper but only one E.A.